The Developer

SMVNF investments is one of the premier developers of vacation property in Belize and has a long track record of successes within Caribeville.  The island’s premier property Grand Caribe Belize, was developed by SMVNF in 5 phases.  All phases are now complete, 100% sold out, and occupied.  Ask any “local” about Grand Caribe and you’ll hear things like “they are the best”, “they do it right”, “everyone is happy there”.  This is due to the painstaking attention to detail taken by the developer to not only build the property right, but then to follow up and build the infrastructure around the property to make sure it is an excellent ownership experience.

Sean Feinstein is the principal and managing director of SMVNF.  He is also the visionary responsible for the master plan within Caribeville, Grand Caribe, and Sunset Caribe.   In addition to SMVNF, Sean is one of the principals of Benny’s Enterprises Ltd.  Benny’s, named for its founder Sean’s grandfather, is the premier retailer and importer of building materials in the country of Belize.  This comes in handy when you are building a resort. Some of us expat locals call Benny’s the “HD of Belize”, but that would be an understatement, Benny’s stocks far more building supplies than a HD store.   When building a resort in the Caribbean, supply chain is critical – SMVNF has that covered.

Sean has a residence in Caribeville and he maintains offices both in Belize City and Caribeville