Time to phase I completion

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2019-May-20 – After much pounding, All the piles are in the ground all the way down to bedrock.  As you can see from the photo, the concrete has been cut off above the surface exposing the many strands of rebar within the pile.  Our team is now working on capping the sistered piles and laying out the concrete beams.  The exposed rebar will be used to tie the caps, beams, and piles together so that they become one cohesive structure to support the building.


Exciting times here at Sunset Caribe, after years of planning, fine tuning, and tweaking – we’re about to get dirty!  The crane is onsite and phase I has been laid out.  If you happen to be driving through Caribeville in the coming days and hear BAM, BAM, BAM – that is the sound of paradise being forged at Sunset Caribe on the western edge of Caribeville.  We call this process piling.  The sound you hear is the crane pounding 30″ x 30″ steel reinforced concrete posts into the ground until they reach geostable bedrock.  Over 300 piles will form the “legs” of phase I of Sunset Caribe.  After piling is complete, the floor of sunset will be poured in solid concrete upon these legs.   Think of it as a many legged table, pounded into the ground to bedrock, upon which we build your condo.  It’s not going anywhere …